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Oracle User Creation and Management

1) As a competent DBA, before creating a new user to check the following items:

* Determine the object must be stored in the user table space;
* Determine the quota for each table space;
* Give the user the default table space and temporary table space;
* Create a user;
* The user system privileges and roles required to give users;

2) The following example creates a user:

    create user infotech --to create a user name for the infotech;
    identified by infotech -- the user's password is infotech;
    default tablespace APEX_SPACE -- the user's default table space is APEX_SPACE;
    temporary tablespace temp --the user temporary table space is pioneer_temp;
    quota 30m on APEX_SPACE --the user to use up to 30M in APEX_SPACE space;
    quota 30m on users --the user in the users table space to use up to 30M of space;
    password expire --the first time the user logs in, password invalid, the system prompted to enter a new password;
    account unlock --User is not locked…

View Linux Directory Free Space Commands

df-hl view the disk space left

df-h view of the partition size for each root path 

du-sh [directory name] returns the size of the directory

du-sm [folder] to return to the folder number of the total Mv

openSUSE Linux 11.4 Released with Downloads

openSUSE Linux 11.4 has been released with downloads Links.

openSUSE Linux 11.4 Main Goals. Make openSUSE the easiest for anyone to become available and the most widely used Linux distributions. Joint use of open source software to make openSUSE the world's most available Linux distributions and Linux newbies and experienced users of the desktop environment. Significantly simplify and open up its development and packaging processes to make openSUSE a provider of Linux developers and software platform of choice.
 Release Notes:

Top 7 Open Source Linux Distribution in 2011

1) Ubuntu Linux

2) Mandriva Linux

3) PCLinuxOS

4) Gentoo Linux

5) openSUSE Linux

6) Debian

7) FreeBSD