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Oracle SOA Suite Clustered Environment on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4

Recently, I have successfully prepared Oracle SOA clustered environment on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4 in production mode. This clustered environment includes Admin Server which is running on port 7001 and two SOA Managed Servers. Both SOA clustered Managed Servers are running on same port i.e. 8001.

Node Managers are also configured for all domains.

Summary of Servers in Weblogic console

Unable to find suitable outbound binding Outbound BPEL Process deployment Issue in SOA


In Jdeveloper open the source tab of BEPL process, search binding.jca entry in the composite.xml and remove the "ns1:" qualification on the operation and redeploying.
For example:
<binding.jca config="BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL_invoke_3P.jca"
<binding.jca config="BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL_invoke_3P.jca"

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Oracle Application Adatper connectivity issue with Siebel

Change the Object Manager name to 'SCCObjMgr_enu' in Advanced tab in Oracle Application Explorer.

Further details see my OTN forum post:-

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