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Windows Server 2012 Performance on Oracle VM Virtual Box

Today I installed Windws Server 2012 on Oracle VM Virtual Box. This is my first ever experience of any windows based server. I installed GUI based standard version of Windows Server 2012 and my VM specifications were 8 GB RAM and 50 GB HDD space. Simple GUI based standard installation took almost 12 GB HDD space. The performance of Windows Server 2012 on VM Virtual Box is very good (in my case). Indeed Windows Server 2012 GUI is also impressive. Here I am posting some snapshorts of Windows Server 2012.

Starting up Windows Server 2012

Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 KDE

Today I installed Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 with KDE and it remembers me the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. I found OEL 6.3 KDE is very similar to SLES 11 KDE and here I am poisting some snapshorts of Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3.

OEL 6.3 Login Screen

Configure and Install MVDEMO Sample Data Set in Oracle Databse XE 11g

In this post we are going to configure and install MVDEMO Sample Data Set for Oracle MapViewer in Oracle Databse XE 11g on windows 7.

Pre-requisite for MVDEMO Sample Data Set

1) Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK 7).
2) Oracle Database Express Edition (XE 11g).
3) Oracle MapViewer QuickStart Kit 11g ps5.
4) Oracle SQL Developer 11g


Download MVDEMO Sample Data Set for MapViewer Demo from OTN. This Demo contains MapViewer sample data and instructions for use with Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer 11g.

How to Run Oracle MapViewer Quickstart kit 11g ps5 on Windows 7

Following are the configuration to run Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer QuickStart kit 11g ps5 ( successfully on windows 7. MapViewer is a component of Oracle Application Server.It provides powerful geospatial data visualization services.

Software Requirements

1) Download Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK 7)
2) Download the MapViewer QuickStart Kit

Installation and Configurations 

1) Install JDK in your desire location. I am installing it on under D:\OPT\

2) Unzip MapViewer (mv11ps5_quickstart). In my case i am unziping it under D:\OPT\ (this will create a new directory called mapviewer11p5_quickstart).