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How to pass Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service exam and Interview Part-2

What two actions must you take before you activate a Diversity form?

1) You must match the code and the name.
2) You must associate a Location.

Your client is a large retailer and would like to build a pipeline of candidates in anticipation of each fall hiring rush. Your client is anticipating the need to identify candidates based on their preferences such as candidate who are willing to work weekends and/or holidays. What the configurations would you need to

ensure that this information is collected?

Add the Basic Profile Information Bock to the Retail Career Section's assigned Candidate Selection Workflow.

How to create a Simple Scheduler Job in Oracle Database using Toad

Scheduler is a process which runs programmed jobs at scheduled times. This process wakes up at the specified time and runs automatically.

The basic elements of the scheduler are: JobsSchedulesProgramsA job specifies what needs to be executed and when. A program is a collection of metadata that will be executed by the scheduler. It contains the name of the program (a procedure or an executable, the type of the program (pl/sql block, shell script etc). A schedule specifies when and how many times a job is executed. 1. Login to the database using Toad, and create a Scheduler Job as follows;

How to pass Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service exam and Interview

Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service is the market leading solution that helps enterprises source, assess, and hire the best talent. In addition to automating the process for even the most complex global organization, Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service delivers insights to continuously improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.
Here I am positing some important questions which will help you in preparation of Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service Essentials Exam and also help in preparing Interview.

How to pass Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Essentials Exam and Interview Part-3

Your customer has asked that all incidents be "scanned" for words that may revolve around product defects and injures so that they can alert their risk management team of any possible product issues or liability. The customer accepts that 100% accuracy is not available, and accepts that they will be false positives and a margin for error.
They have provided you he following words to be "scanned":
The customer requires the following:
You decide to use a regular expression to search for these words in all incoming emails. ^mouth [ , | . | ' | " |
; | : | | ! | ? | & ] | \ jaw [| , | . | ` | " | : | ! | &] | \ cheek [ , | ` | ; | : | | ! | ? | &] | \ jowl [ , | . | ` | ; | | !| ? | &] | \ chin$
[ , | . | ` | " | ; | | ! | ? | & ] | \ oral [ , | . | ` | " | : | | ? | & ] | \ pallate [ , | . | ` | " | : | | ! | ? | &] | \
Identify the three words that will be correctly matched to this regular expression.

How to pass Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Essentials Exam and Interview Part-2

Which three actions must be performed in order to configure cloud Monitor?

1) Add or update navigation sets to include the Cloud Monitor navigation button and component
2) Add or update profiles to include-Cloud Monitor permissions.
3) Add or update staff accounts to use profiles that include Cloud Monitor permissions.

How to pass Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Essentials Exam and Interview Part-1

Today I am posting some important question and answers of  Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Essentials Exam which will help in exam preparation.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service delivers exceptional customer experiences (CX) across the web, social networks and contact centers, via the cloud. Give clients the power to manage the three channels that matter most in their customer's journey. Partners focusing on RightNow  will realize growth by driving customer satisfaction through delivery of highly configured and customized experiences for the client’s agent and end customers.

How to Pass Developer Essentials for FileMaker

Today, I am posting some important questions and answers of Developer Essentials for FileMaker which will help you in exam preparation.

FileMaker is a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc., formerly Claris, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. It integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms.