How to pass Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Essentials Exam and Interview Part-1

Today I am posting some important question and answers of  Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Essentials Exam which will help in exam preparation.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service delivers exceptional customer experiences (CX) across the web, social networks and contact centers, via the cloud. Give clients the power to manage the three channels that matter most in their customer's journey. Partners focusing on RightNow  will realize growth by driving customer satisfaction through delivery of highly configured and customized experiences for the client’s agent and end customers.

Your customer wants to measure agent performance based on feedback from their end customers. If you end customer provides negative feedback, their incident needs to be reopened automatically. Identify three tasks to fulfill these requirements.

1) Set an incident business rule to send the survey when an incident is closed.
2) Create a transactional survey.
3) Assign score to the survey questions and set the status field based on the values of the responses.

Your customer has asked you to configure profiles for an Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Engine implementation. Your customer's requirements: Select two configurations needed to accomplish this.

1) Set Pull Policy to Manual
2) Set Pull Quantity to 5

You are updating the "Salesman" profile in a site where a new custom object has been created called CO.Salesman. Your customer has requested their salesman to update record in this custom object. What two settings in the "Salesmen" profile have to be updated to allow them access?

1) Custom Objects Tab: select the update check box for package Name "CO" and object name "Salesmen"

2) Add a workspace for the Salesmen custom object.

You have created an add-in that utilizes the SOAP API, and uploaded it to the agent desktop and the incident workspace so that agents can access your custom product registration table. The agents are getting an error when trying to use the add-in. Which three permissions are required for an Agent to use an add-in an incident workspace?

1) Object Designer
2) Account Authentication
3) Custom Object Create

Your customer wants you to separate their contact records by development.
You determine that to enable this functionality, you need to implement a new custom field, and that the field will need to be available to agents to enter and maintain the values. Select the four steps to accomplish this.

1) Create a "department" custom field in the incident table.
2) Set the custom field data type to Text Field.
3) Update the Context Workspace with the new "department" custom field.
4) Add a name and a column name for the new custom field.

Your customer has asked that all of the knowledge base answers be updated with new address and contact details.
There are about 500 answers existing to date and your client informs that they will be moving again at the end of the year and do not have the man power to keep this up to date on an ongoing basis.
Your client has three interfaces for each of their lines business that will all have different information. What do you tell your client to configure?

Create a standard text to include the new addresses and update all the answers to include it.

Your customer would like you to create a workflow following these requirements:
Requirement 1: The workflow will allow the agent to switch between workspaces by clicking the "Select Workspace" button.
Requirement 2: The agent can launch the script both within the workspace as well as by leaving the workspace while still inside the workflow.
Requirement 3: The workflow must capture all phone data provided to the agent in their desktop softphone application.
Requirement 4: If a contact record exists, the workflow must load the contact found as the contact for the incident.
Requirement 5: If a contact record is not found, the contact will be created with all the data captured from softphone.
Your customer is not willing to purchase or deploy custom objects to manage any data coming from their CTI integration.
Identify which three requirements can be accomplished through the use of standard workflow/workspace functionality.

1) Requirement 1
2) Requirement 2
3) Requirement 4


Identify the three options available on the deployment screen in customer portal.

1) Rollback
2) Stage
3) Promote

Your customer has a complex workspace that has 60 + tabs, 100 + data fields and over 200 + rules that are fired based on agent actions for their different business functions.
Your customer has told you that their workspace is painfully slow and the call center agents cannot do their work.
The customer would like to keep using a single profile for all their agents to simplify administration.
You have condensed many of the rules in the workspace into named events to try and speed things up, but on the call center agents' workstations its still just too slow. Which three options will speed up the agents' workspace?

1) Reduce the number of tabs that need to be rendered
2) Reduce the number of data fields on the workspace
3) Create workspace rules to hide unused tabs when the workspace loads.

A customer wants to change the following text on the receipt and ask submit page: "Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for the follow up: #120728- 000001
A member of your support team will get back to you soon.
If you need to update your question and you already have an account, log in, click the Your Account tab, and select the question to open and update it."
Which two actions will allow you to identify the correct message base item if you do not know which message base you need to edit?

1) Run a message base report and search for the text string you want to change.
2) Identify the customer portal page that includes the text you want to change and identify the message base from within the code.

Your customer has performed a search on the knowledgebase and has stated that they are getting strange results. Every time they search for the word "widget" the correct answer appears as the 10th answer on the search results and not at the top of the first page. How can you increase the value of the word "widget" In the knowledgebase search results?

Add the search term to the keyword field of the knowledgebase answer.

Your customer runs a 24/7 call center and has a policy starting that incidents that agent's solved by the end of an agent's shift should be moved out of that agent's inbox to be worked by another active agent. Which two actions will accomplish this?

1) The agent reassigns each incident to another agent before they log off.

2) Add a business rule that when an agent logs out, the Assigned field should be set to null for any unresolved incidents for that agent.

Your customer has asked you to fulfill a list of requirements for their incident workspace. The customer has explained that the following constraints will be place. Requirements:
They have asked that no customization be part of the new workspace.
Identify the three requirements that are met using standard product features within the workspace.

1) Capture the "Product" field from the email and populate the product in the incidents.prod_id field.
2) Capture the Last and First names from the email and populate the product in the contact.last_name and contacts.first_name fields.
3) Once the product has been set in the workspace open up the applicable tab automatically for the agent to view.

During requirements gathering, your customer determines that since they will be directing customers to support pages from their website, they would like the default Home page to be removed. Which three of the available options are required to complete this requirement?

1) Remove the "Home page" navigation option from the template file.
2) Update the config verb CP_HOME_URL.
3) Upgrade the site.css file to remove references to the Home page.

Your customer wants to set a disposition and add specific standard text item automatically based on a given endpoint within guided Assistant path info the response thread. What are the two steps required to complete this request?

1) Create a Named Event to fire each end point of the Guide.
2) Use Agent Workspace rule to populate the standard text to the message thread and set the disposition when the named event is fired.

In a Customer Portal design session, the customer explains to you that they have multiple brands, and that they have multiple websites to reflect these brands. After reviewing the sites with the customer, you notice that each of the sites contain the same layout and content, but has different colors and branding, such as logos. Which option allows for a consistent layout and dynamic branding?

Use a single template across all Customer Portal pages, and implement themes dynamically.

Your customer has asked you to create a report that will need to be sent to the executive management. None of the receipts of this report has access to the system, and the same monthly report should be delivered to all recipients.
The management team frequently changes and your customer does not want to alter the report schedule after configuration. After creating the report what two additional steps need to be taken?

1) Create a schedule record for the report.
2) Create and add the distribution list to the schedule.

Your customer supports three different brands and needs to be able to send and receive emails using differently branded email.
The end customers may not know that the three brands are supported by the same company or that the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service is being used.
Identify the three configurations that must be made to enable this requirement.

1) Create three service mailboxes on the console, and use SMTP forwarding from your customer's mail server.
2) Use the Friendly From/Branded Address.
3) Use your customer's branded email address as the Reply To address.

Your customer's agent is using the Co-Browse feature with an end customer who is using a Mac. The Co-Browse is displaying an error and will not work. What action must the agent take to allow Co-Browse to work on Mac OS?

Instruct the end customer to enable Java on their Mac.

Your customer has a single Service level Agreement and applies the service Level Agreement called Reseller when a contact is a reseller of their services.
These end customers often have their own ticketing system, and in order to capture the reseller's ticket number, the customer has requested that their Ask page be upgraded to include an External Ticket Number custom field only when the logged in contact has a Service level Agreement that only a reseller would have. Which two widgets or tags are used to complete your customer's request?

1) Use the "Conditional" tag with an "sla" attribute.
2) Use the "Field" tag with the "name" attribute.


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