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What is Anonymous PL/SQL block in Oracle

An anonymous PL/SQL block is a block of code that is not stored in the database. When submitted to the database, the code will be executed immediately. An anonymous PL/SQL block always starts with DECLARE or BEGIN.

dbms_output.put_line('Hi, this is anonymous PL/SQL');

Oracle Express Edition XE-11gr2 Screen Shorts

Home Page Information

Storage Information

Change the mouse pointer in Forms

The SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY build-in in Oracle Forms allow to change the mouse pointer.

Execute dynamic SQL from Oracle Forms

FORMS_DDL built-in or DBMS_SQL database package are used to execute dynamic SQL from Oracle Forms. 

FORMS_DDL('INSERT INTO X VALUES (' || col_list || ')');

Note that FORMS_DDL will force an implicit COMMIT and de-synchronize Oracle Forms.

How to bypass the Oracle login screen

The first thing that the user sees when using run form is the Oracle logon prompt asking them for their username, password, and database to connect to. You can bypass this screen or customize it by displaying your own logon screen. For example: ON-LOGIN Trigger at Form Level declare uname varchar2(10); pass varchar2(10); begin uname := 'username'; pass :='password'; logon(uname, pass||'@connect_database'); end;

How to Execute DDL commands in Oracle Forms

DDL (Data Definition Language) commands like CREATE, DROP and ALTER are not directly supported in Oracle Forms because Oracle Form is not supposed to manipulate the database structure. A statement like CREATE TABLE X (A DATE); will result in error: Encountered the symbol "CREATE" which is an reserved word. However, you can use the FORMS_DDL built-in to execute DLL statements. Eg: FORMS_DDL('CREATE TABLE X (A DATE)');

About Oracle APEX 4.1

Oracle Apex 4.1 version is now available on for download. There are two types
of version available for download, Oracle Application Express 4.1 for All Languages download size is 950MBand Oracle Application Express 4.1 for English Language Only download size is 300MB. Documentation and Tutorials are also on both PDF and HTML versions on

Comparison between Oracle SPARC T4 and IBM P7

Oracle Parallel Everything vs. IBM’s Fast CPU Core

SPARC T4 Faster than P7 for JAVA – P7 Faster for Integer Arithmetic

Red Flag Asianux 4 Server

Asia's largest open source software vendor Red Flag is launching a new version of Server Operating System Asianux 4. Asianux 4 is based on open framework, continue into the cloud computing and virtualization technologies that is used to develop a series of cloud computing products and solutions.