Red Flag Asianux 4 Server

Asia's largest open source software vendor Red Flag is launching a new version of Server Operating System Asianux 4. Asianux 4 is based on open framework, continue into the cloud computing and virtualization technologies that is used to develop a series of cloud computing products and solutions.

It also includes the support of Red Virtual Machine Server (RFVM), High Availability Cluster server (HA Cluster), Secure Operating System (RFSOS), and Mobile Infotainment Systems (RF IVI).

Asianux Server 4.0 uses the stable 2.6.32 kernel, Support for the latest scheduling technology and virtualization technology, a true multi-purpose, cost, reliability and service in the business to ensure continuous operation. The same time it supports a large number of PC servers, storage devices and network equipment, a large number of commercial software to run stable.


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