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Insert Data into Oracle EBS through Interface tables by using Oracle SOA Suite Technology

Adapter for Oracle Applications uses interface tables to insert and update data in Oracle Applications. 

Interface Tables act as staging tables between client application and Apps Base tables. Data is never loaded directly into Oracle Applications base tables. Instead, data is first loaded into interface tables, and then Oracle-supplied concurrent programs move data from interface tables to base tables. This ensures that all business logic and processing is handled using Oracle components.

Today I successfully loaded Sample Order Data from SOA Server to the following Oracle EBS Interface Tables:-


BPEL Process of Insert Order into EBS

Use of DB Adapter in SOA Composite Application

I successfully create SOA Composie Application that interact with Oracle Database by using DB Adapter. The Oracle Database Adapter enables a BPEL process to communicate with Oracle databases or third party databases through JDBC.

The Oracle Database Adapter service is defined within a BPEL process partner link by using the Adapter Configuration Wizard of Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

BPEL Process of my DB Adapter

Oracle WebCenter Content and Portal

Oracle just released the new version of WebCenter products stack, the WebCenter Centent 11gR1 ( and WebCenter Portal 11gR1 ( According to Oracle's official blog it includes many bug fixes in addition to enhancements to the WebCenter Content Application Extension Framework (AXF) supporting integrations with E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft.