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Key Themes of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 will focus on in the following areas to make market-leading innovation and development.

Business Critical Data Center Technology

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 in the data center based on the success, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 plans to introduce new features to support equipment development and low-latency computing, and support for high availability of advanced interconnects like Infiniband same program.

UNIX Migration

In order to eliminate the traditional UNIX from the high cost of installation, customers are a variety of hardware platforms to Linux migration. SUSE Linux Enterprise SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 will focus on Solaris to meet or exceed performance benchmarks, and provide the best on the market above the core set of tools and features.


With virtualization technology, IT management to bring efficiency, agility, flexibility, new height, the traditional operating system concepts are being redefined. Novell plans to SUSE Linux Enterprise 1…

Lost Technologies

The past decade, science and technology, especially computer technology, and remote communication technologies, have gained unprecedented tremendous development.

Today's network, not be accomplished overnight. Several decades of ups and downs, will be the year that the computer had only fragmented into a month of interoperable terminals. Among these, from 2000 to 2009 decade of years, numerous technologies such as mushroomed after another. Here I listed 10 Technologies that soon will be disapperd.

1) Modem dial-up

The historical significance of dial-up modem is no doubt, yet for the new things in that era of the Internet, a small modem carries the dream of many people and businesses. However, with the rapid development of network technology application, 54K transmission speed quickly refining its stand of the people's patience has led to increasingly complex needs of the full arrival of broadband era and since then, modem dial-up Internet access is gradually fading out the stage…

Important Unix System Performance Monitoring Commands


System I / O performance monitoring.


Processor performance monitoring.


Virtual memory monitor.


A comprehensive monitoring system activity information.

Some information about Unix and Solaris Shells

Most UNIX systems support three kinds of mainstream Shell, they are the Bourne Shell (also known as AT & T Shell), C Shell (also known as Berkeley Shell) and the Korn Shell (Bourne Shell of an extension set). Interactive run-time, which is very similar to three kinds of shell, but as a scripting language, they have a certain syntax and efficiency differences. UNIX operating system in the 20 years of development process, in fact Shell is ever produced countless more. However, in common between the various versions and has an important position, and only three. If the produce in the order in accordance with to arrange the words, they are the Bourne Shell, C Shell and Korn Shell. Given below table shows a simple comparison table.
Three Shell Comparison
Shell Creator Command name Bourne shell SRBourne sh C shell Bill Joy csh Korn shell David G. Kron ksh

How to Protect the Linux Server Security

The main consideration during the installation of Linux Operating System is the Operating System Security. How can we have a secure Linux server? Many new to Linux Network Administrators find it difficult from the point-and-click security configuration interface to another Based on the complex and subtle editing a text file interface.
Here are listed some simple steps to help the administrator to protect the security of Linux, and significantly reduce their risk. This article lists seven such steps, but you can also consult with Linux manuals and discussion forums to find out more content.

To Protect the Root Account
Linux on the system's root account (or super-user account) is like the Rolling Stones concert at the background of the pass, it allows you to access all the contents of the system. Therefore, it is worth it to take additional steps to protect them. First of all, to this account with the password command to set a password hard to guess and to make changes on a regular …

Ten key IT Technology in 2010

According to, in 2010 the top ten most concerned about the key technology areas are:-
1. Cloud computing
In the 405 polled IT professionals, 57% of the people included in the analysis of the scope of cloud computing and are being tested this technology, but so far, only 15% of people have been deployed applied Cloud computing.
2. Business Process Management
46% of people are closely watching the technology, 26% of people have applied this technology to deploy.
3. Web 2.0 / Social Networking Technology
45% of people are paying close attention to this technology, 32% of people have applied this technology to deploy.
4. Desktop/Client Virtualization Technology
45% of people are paying close attention to this technology, 27% of people have applied this technology to deploy.
5. SOA
45% of people are paying close attention to this technology, 26% of people have applied this technology to deploy.
6. Analysis
44% of people are paying close attention to this technology, 47% of people have alr…

40 Years Journey of UNIX in Operating Systems World

In August of this year, Unix operating system, celebrating his 40th birthday. During the past 40 years, Unix operating system, made a lot of achievements and attracted worldwide attention. Unix operating system is a breeding ground for Bell Labs, when the ATT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, General Electric and Bell Labs to design a three agencies are called Multis operating system, but due to the slow progress of this project, which was suspended, but is that this program gave birth to Unix, Unix design goal is to give full play to the performance of mainframe computers at that time, and can control multiple computers to run.

August 1969, Ken Thompson of Bell Labs programmers opportunity to create a revolutionary new operating system, he used language in the old B compilation PDP-7 machine developed a version of Unix. The operating system, shell, editor and compiler, respectively, spent a week. Subsequently, Thompson and colleagues Dennis Ritchie improved the B language, deve…

Recommended Browsers for Open Source Operating Systems

1. Firefox
Mozilla Firefox browser is the most famous open-source product, the current global market share of up to 25%, ranking second only to Microsoft's IE.Firefox extensions for its powerful plug-ins known for Web developers and other professionals. Ordinary users are also use it very easily.
2. Opera
Opera from Opera Software of Norway, though only the global browser market in less than 2 percent, but the Opera browser using mouse gestures, speed dial and other functions into other products, emulating our goal. Its influence on mobile devices is negligible, about 1 / 3 of mobile phone users to use Opera for mobile Internet access.

3. Google Chrome
Internet giant Google's business covers all aspects of IT industry, Chrome browser is its outstanding works. A new version of Chrome supports Linux, Mac and other platforms, but also claims to speed more quickly. Just on-line has also been the official plug-in platform for the normal operation of the user accustomed to using Firefox…

Voices of Open Source World

Open-source collaboration company MindTouch (Open Source Business Conference) published their Twitter according to Google Trends, and various analytic tools to identify the most influential opinion leaders in the open source world.
Among them, a well-known technical publisher is O'Reilly because of Tim O'Reilly, founder of Twitter's 1.43 million watchers and tops the list. Linux father Linus Torvalds although rare on Twitter, blog update is not ground, but also mostly to write their own private event, still unmatched strength and finished on second place.
Other top 10 Opinion Leaders Includes:- Google's open-source advocates Chris Messina, Sun's former CEO Jonathan Schwartz, Mono founder Miguel de Icaza, Well-Known Drupal design and development company ImageX Media's founder Glenn Hilton, Technical Writer, Open Source book "Rebel Code" author Glyn Moody, Ubuntu developer Canonical's COO Matt Asay, Drupal, and Python father of Dries Buytaert Father …

Linux Kernel is on the Top Position of Most Valuable Open Source Softwares

Well-Known U.S. technology website has named its top 10 most valuable open source software. In Open Source software market the most important and most valuable software are given below.
1. Linux Kernel
2. GNU tools and editor
3. Ubuntu (Operating System)
4. Three BSD operating systems (FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD)
5. Samba (to allow Linux and Unix servers for Windows clients to provide file and print services)
6. MySQL (Database)
7. BIND (DNS Server Software)
8. Sendmail (Email Server)
9. OpenSSH and OpenSSL
10. Apache (Web Server)

Chat with your Friends thourgh MS DOS Command Prompt

Step 1.

Open notepad

Step 2.

Type this:

@ echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A
(its actually "@ echo off" & not "@echo off")

Step 3.

Now click on File,
Click on Save as
Change 'Save As Type' as 'All Types'
and then give the filename as 'Messenger.bat'
Click Save

Step 4.

Now goto Control panel
Click on administrative tools(switch to classic view)
Then click on Services
Then just look out for Messenger service
Just Double Click or Right Click & Select Properties
You'll see 'Startup Type' which would be disabled(by Default)
So click on that and select Manual.(Automatic might make ur PC vulnerable for External Access)
After Selecting Manual - Click OK
then Right Click on Messenger Service & Click on Start)

Step 5.

Now do the same on the other Computer.
Until this service is activated on that Computer, you …