Recommended Browsers for Open Source Operating Systems

1. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox browser is the most famous open-source product, the current global market share of up to 25%, ranking second only to Microsoft's IE.Firefox extensions for its powerful plug-ins known for Web developers and other professionals. Ordinary users are also use it very easily.

2. Opera

Opera from Opera Software of Norway, though only the global browser market in less than 2 percent, but the Opera browser using mouse gestures, speed dial and other functions into other products, emulating our goal. Its influence on mobile devices is negligible, about 1 / 3 of mobile phone users to use Opera for mobile Internet access.

3. Google Chrome

Internet giant Google's business covers all aspects of IT industry, Chrome browser is its outstanding works. A new version of Chrome supports Linux, Mac and other platforms, but also claims to speed more quickly. Just on-line has also been the official plug-in platform for the normal operation of the user accustomed to using Firefox get started up and more relaxing.

4. Epiphany

Integration of new Epiphany Firefox and Apple Webkit two kinds of Gecko layout engine, is under a GNOME desktop browser. Key features include tabbed browsing, cookie management and pop-up control, Epiphany adhered to a simple aesthetic concept, although the reputation of these products less loud, but worth a try.

5. Konqueror

Konqueror is the KDE desktop part of the system, mainly for file management, browsing, and web browsing. The user interface follows the style of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, using KHTML as the layout engine, but the configuration up and more flexible, support panel to configure and change functionality and can display hierarchical folders, integrated Web search function.


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