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Tools for inserting Unicode Urdu Data into Oracle Database

Following tools are used to insert Unicode Urdu Data into Oracle Database without any configuration or setting.

1) Oracle iSQL*Plus
2) Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle iSQL*Plus

iSQLPlus (iSQL*Plus) is a web-based utility similar to SQL*Plus. Using iSQL*Plus you can run SQL and PL/SQL commands and display their results. iSQLPlus commonly used by users, administrators, and programmers.

How to access Oracle iSQL*Plus

Use the following command to start the services of Oracle iSQL*Plus.
Isqlplusctl start

Open your web browser and navigate to the system ( . Oracle iSQL*Plus used the 5560 port.

Oracle SQL Developer
Oracle SQL Developer is an integrated development environment (IDE) for working with SQL in Oracle databases. Oracle Corporation provides this product free. You can use this IDE to insert Unicode Urdu data in Oracle Database without any NLS LANG setting.

Set the Urdu Supported Character Set in Oracle Database

Last week my Team Lead gave me the task to Store Urdu in Oracle Database (for sending SMS). For this purpose I have created a database through Database Configuration Assistant (dbca) and on Initialization Parameters step picked the Use Unicode (AL32UTF8). Setting character set to Unicode (AL32UTF8) enables you to store multiple language groups. Set the National Character Set AL16UFT16-Unicode UTF-16 Universal Character Set as shown below.

After database creation set the NLS_LANG parameter of Oracle Database on Window’s Registry as shown below.

Data value should be AMERICAN_AMERICAN.AL32UTF8. After this restart the Services of Oracle Database and TNS Listener.

To verify the NLS Database Parameters execute the following query.
select * from nls_database_parameters where parameter = any('NLS_CHARACTERSET','NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET');

To store the Urdu character sets I set the column datatype NVARCHAR and completed the first face of my project task successfully.
Unicode supported…

How to Identify Oracle Production Exam and Beta Exam

Oracle Certification Beta Exam begins with ‘1Z1’ and Oracle Certification Production Exam begins with ‘1Z0’. Both versions of the exam have the same suffix. For example, a beta version of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Build Applications exam is 1Z1-151 and the production version of this exam will be 1Z0-151.