Some information about Unix and Solaris Shells

Most UNIX systems support three kinds of mainstream Shell, they are the Bourne Shell (also known as AT & T Shell), C Shell (also known as Berkeley Shell) and the Korn Shell (Bourne Shell of an extension set). Interactive run-time, which is very similar to three kinds of shell, but as a scripting language, they have a certain syntax and efficiency differences. UNIX operating system in the 20 years of development process, in fact Shell is ever produced countless more. However, in common between the various versions and has an important position, and only three. If the produce in the order in accordance with to arrange the words, they are the Bourne Shell, C Shell and Korn Shell. Given below table shows a simple comparison table.

Three Shell Comparison

Command name
Bourne shell
C shell
Bill Joy
Korn shell
David G. Kron

Solaris 10 supports a total of six kinds of Shell Type:-

1) Bourne Shell
2) C Shell
3) Korn Shell
4) bash
5) Z Shell
6) TC Shell

System installation is complete default / sbin / sh or Bourne Shell.

Using the echo $ SHELL command to view the current Shell type. 


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