40 Years Journey of UNIX in Operating Systems World

In August of this year, Unix operating system, celebrating his 40th birthday. During the past 40 years, Unix operating system, made a lot of achievements and attracted worldwide attention. Unix operating system is a breeding ground for Bell Labs, when the ATT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, General Electric and Bell Labs to design a three agencies are called Multis operating system, but due to the slow progress of this project, which was suspended, but is that this program gave birth to Unix, Unix design goal is to give full play to the performance of mainframe computers at that time, and can control multiple computers to run.

August 1969, Ken Thompson of Bell Labs programmers opportunity to create a revolutionary new operating system, he used language in the old B compilation PDP-7 machine developed a version of Unix. The operating system, shell, editor and compiler, respectively, spent a week. Subsequently, Thompson and colleagues Dennis Ritchie improved the B language, developed a C language, rewrote the UNIX, the new version released in 1971, since then this revolutionary operating system, an official boarded the stage of history.

In 1975, Unix operating system to become an Internet standard operating system, which in the history of Unix is also an important event, from the design since the early days, this operating system on the right web application needs to consider very fully.

Later, Unix operating system is finally gradually into the server, desktop and laptop areas, there have been various versions of a number of different.

Although memories of UNIX, like the memories of the distant past, but today UNIX is still very strong, it affects every corner of the computer world. Windows does not based on UNIX, but its two rivals Mac OS and Linux are derived from UNIX. With the increasing number of users of both, you can say that UNIX is back.


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