Voices of Open Source World

Open-source collaboration company MindTouch (Open Source Business Conference) published their Twitter according to Google Trends, and various analytic tools to identify the most influential opinion leaders in the open source world.

Among them, a well-known technical publisher is O'Reilly because of Tim O'Reilly, founder of Twitter's 1.43 million watchers and tops the list. Linux father Linus Torvalds although rare on Twitter, blog update is not ground, but also mostly to write their own private event, still unmatched strength and finished on second place.

Other top 10 Opinion Leaders Includes:-
Google's open-source advocates Chris Messina, Sun's former CEO Jonathan Schwartz, Mono founder Miguel de Icaza, Well-Known Drupal design and development company ImageX Media's founder Glenn Hilton, Technical Writer, Open Source book "Rebel Code" author Glyn Moody, Ubuntu developer Canonical's COO Matt Asay, Drupal, and Python father of Dries Buytaert Father Guido van Rossum.

The top 50 list, the more well-known includes:-
Oracle recently left the Sun's chief open source officer Simon Phipps, MySQL former CEO Marten Mikos, Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon, Programmers and Entrepreneurs, Beauty, well-known Technology, Podcasts Shelly Roche , Perl large cattle Randal Schwartz, Spring's father Rod Johnson, Mono formerly Ximian co-founder Nat Friedman, Google open source and public-sector engineering manager Chris Dibona and so on...


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