Key Themes of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 will focus on in the following areas to make market-leading innovation and development.

Business Critical Data Center Technology

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 in the data center based on the success, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 plans to introduce new features to support equipment development and low-latency computing, and support for high availability of advanced interconnects like Infiniband same program.

UNIX Migration

In order to eliminate the traditional UNIX from the high cost of installation, customers are a variety of hardware platforms to Linux migration. SUSE Linux Enterprise SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 will focus on Solaris to meet or exceed performance benchmarks, and provide the best on the market above the core set of tools and features.


With virtualization technology, IT management to bring efficiency, agility, flexibility, new height, the traditional operating system concepts are being redefined. Novell plans to SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 in Xen using the latest technology to provide various forms of virtualization technology can be used directly as an integral part of the operating system, but also can be used as a stand-alone or embedded virtualization platform.


SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 will further enhance interoperability, Novell's leadership position and bring new Windows optimization programs, including the upgrading of the Windows Server 2008 virtual clients, systems management and adequate support for Internet applications.

Green IT

Through the use of virtualization technology to reduce the number of servers, clients are actively seeking to reduce energy consumption. Virtualization and the new chip and disk drive device power management capabilities will enable customers to reduce the appearance of the server, and fully reduce the cost of running data centers.

Desktop Linux innovation

Desktop Linux as an enterprise leader, Novell plans to provide availability, collaboration and security of new features, so that business users greater productivity and lower cost of ownership. 


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