How to Run Oracle MapViewer Quickstart kit 11g ps5 on Windows 7

Following are the configuration to run Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer QuickStart kit 11g ps5 ( successfully on windows 7. MapViewer is a component of Oracle Application Server.It provides powerful geospatial data visualization services.

Software Requirements

1) Download Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK 7)
2) Download the MapViewer QuickStart Kit

Installation and Configurations 

1) Install JDK in your desire location. I am installing it on under D:\OPT\

2) Unzip MapViewer (mv11ps5_quickstart). In my case i am unziping it under D:\OPT\ (this will create a new directory called mapviewer11p5_quickstart).

3) Open mapviewer11p5_quickstart folder. Open 'start.bat' in notepad and do the following:-
  • Change the location of mapviewer11p5_quickstart
  • Adjust the location of jdk
  • Save changes.

4) Run Start.bat as Administrator. This will install and unzip all the oc4j components.

5) During the execution of Start.bat, choose a password for your oc4jadmin user
password: oc4jadmin

--> -->
Run Oracle MapViewer

6) Launch your browser, and login to the MapViewer Home Page using following URL:-
Wellcome screen will appear and now your MapViewer server is running and you can start viewing your Oracle Spatial managed data.

Access Management console by login through Admin user and password.


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