Telnet on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

Telnet provides terminal access to a machine. The user is prompted for a user name and password which are both transmitted in cleartext. The same holds true for the ensuing communication between client and server. Because cleartext passwords should be avoided as much as possible, disable Telnet on all machines.

Configuration on Server side:

The Following package is required on Server side:-


use #rmp -qa |grep telnet command to ensure that telnet server is install on your machine.

Now we configure the telnet configuration file i.e. located in
/etc/xinetd.d directory. Now we move into /etc/xinetd.d directory and open telnet configuration file through vi editor, as shown below

telnet configuration file look like this

Change only disable directive
Yes to No

Save the changes and restart the xinetd services

Restart the network services

On Client Side:

There is no configuration required on client side just open the terminal on the client machine and access the server through telnet command as show below


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