Database Auditing and Monitoring using Oracle Audit Vault v10.2.3.2

Oracle Audit Vault a comprehensive version in order to help businesses protect all corporate databases and meet regulatory requirements.

The latest version of Oracle Audit Vault introduces important, new reporting and alarm functions, simplifying the database audit process, and reduce the cost of the audit process.

Oracle Audit Vault version of the audit process with automated database, new features are:-

Report scheduling, notices, certificates and archiving features to help businesses reduce the compliance with data privacy and protection inside and outside the costs of instruction;

Authority report, accompanied by Oracle database users, privileges and a brief description of the latest configuration can help auditors to track the changes in database access;

Compliance reports, specifically to meet the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbanex-Oxley), the U.S. HIPAA Act (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other 
regulations on the database activity monitoring and auditing requirements ;

Once the audit data to safely merge into the Oracle Audit Vault database, support for Oracle and non-Oracle databases automatically remove the audit trail data to help reduce the operating costs of the audit database.
To further help companies simplify database activity monitoring and auditing processes, and quickly respond to the safety and regulatory violations, the latest version of Oracle Audit Vault also introduced to send alert messages by e-mail functions, and automatically connect to the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite features The kit is a leading solutions-oriented follow the ITIL service management processes.

According to the recently announced Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) 2009 data security report, more than 70% of survey participants who use the database audit database activity monitoring. Audit function in the provision of a database, Oracle in the database, the industry leading position in support of audit and database user privileges.

The use of Oracle Audit Vault, audit data can be automatically integrated into a highly secure, centralized data storage library, the data repository based on Oracle's mature data warehouse technology. The audit data into Oracle Audit Vault database in the same time, formulation of the strategy in accordance with real-time business analysis. Once detected unauthorized activity, will immediately notify the IT personnel to ensure database security.

Oracle Audit Vault has many built-in and very easy to customize reports to help businesses generate savings of compliance-related reports the time and cost. Powerful customization features include filtering the report of the audit data, according to conditions, the value of stress lines and generate charts. Customized reports can be saved and within the enterprise or with external auditors to share.

Oracle Audit Vault is a full-blown Oracle database security solutions products, part of the series of products, including Oracle Advanced Security (Oracle Advanced Security), Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Label Security (Oracle Label Security), Oracle data mask (Oracle Data Masking) and Oracle Total Recall (Oracle Total Recall), these products help businesses protect their data from transparent disclosure, to meet regulatory requirements, and does not need to change existing applications.


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