First OLTP Database Machine | Oracle Exdata V2

Sun Oracle Database Machine jointly developed by Sun and Oracle, the world's fastest data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) machine in the data warehouse, which runs twice as fast as the first edition. 
As the world's fastest OLTP machine Sun Oracle database machine, with a high random I / O performance, but its scope of application beyond the field of data warehousing, by increasing the technology-based Sun FlashFire the Exadata Smart Flash Cache, for on-line transaction processing (OLTP) to provide excellent performance and strong scalability.

Oracle Exadata second edition of a total of four kinds of configurations: machine frame (8 database servers and 14 storage servers), half-rack (4 database server and 7 storage server), 1 / 4 rack (2 databases servers and three storage server), and the base system (a database server and a storage server). The above four kinds of Exadata configurations are available immediately. Increased by only wire, Sun Oracle Database Machine will be extended to eight rack database machines, to meet the diverse needs of users.

The use of Sun Oracle Database Machine, Oracle's customers do not need to modify any application, you can store more than 10 times more than in the past data, search data, speed of more than 10 times faster than before.

Sun's hardware

Sun FlashFire memory card to a high-performance OLTP.
80% faster CPU: Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processor.
Disk speed 50%: 600GB SAS disks, speed 6Gbps.
Memory speed 200%: DDR3 memory.
Memory capacity of 125%: for each database server 72GB.
Network speed 100%: 40Gbps InfiniBand.
100TB of raw disk capacity (SAS) or per rack 336TB (SATA).

Oracle Software

The world's first flash memory database support.

Oracle Database 11g second edition.
Mixed column-type compression to achieve 10 to 50 times the data compression.
Scan compressed data, enabling faster queries.
Store the index to further reduce the disk I / O operation.
Intelligent scanning (Smart Scans) to the storage system to uninstall query processing tasks.
In the storage server to the data mining model intelligent scanning.

Running on Sun Oracle Database Machine applications for flash memory storage systems (Flash Storage) to achieve up to 100 million times per second I / O operations.

Sun Oracle Database Machine is not only able to quickly handle large amounts of data directly in the storage system to run data-intensive processing tasks; also has the most comprehensive data analysis capabilities, such as data mining, high-efficiency point query, etc.; and specific to the data warehouse had a very effective optimization and has a large number of new data warehouse capabilities. In addition Sun Oracle Database Machine has a unique extension of the OLTP database, such as a host of new fault-tolerant OLTP functionality.


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