Install Oracle 11g Release 2 Single Environment (Images)

In addition to the installation of 11gR2 interface has undergone major changes, other changes are not great, the installation is super easy.
Here are the immage to Install Oracle 11g R2 on Single Instance database installation.
Unzip the two Database rar files into the same directory, otherwise, that may be encountered during the installation file not found error.
Direct Point Next to enter the next step, the production environment, it can according to their own need to configure these accounts. 
Point Yes, to enter the next step
Just choose to install the software to install after re-create the database via DBCA, then Next 
Choose stand-alone installation.
Choose to run language, I have chosen here, in English, then Next, then select Enterprise Edition and the default of the Options.
Enter Inventory Driectory path and select the OS Group Name, then Next.
The system to start the installation inspection, in this step, if there is a lack of a package or spatial problems, the kernel parameter configuration problem, then, Oracle will give you a clear log reports, I am here because of the installation manual to configure the system environment, so there is no encountered any problems. 
This is the previous configuration if there is no problem, point Finish to begin installation. 
After the Setup files, the system will prompt you to use root user to execute the following script.
The installation is complete, then you can build libraries to experience.


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