Linux OS covered 85.4% Super Computers

According to the latest Global 500 list of Super Computers, 427 Super Computer run Linux operating system. Linux Operating System is in the Number 1 position and its share is 85.4%. These Super Computers are equipped with a total of 1,408,054 processors.

Unix operating system is in the 2 nd Number, there are 25 Super computer running the software, share of 5%, a total of 73174 processor.

Only 5 Super Computer runs Microsoft Windows Systems. Microsoft Windows System is in the 3rd position and share only 1%, a total of 25472 processor.

Mac Operating System is in the 4 th position, only two Super Computers using the software; its share is only 0.4%, a total of 5272 processors.

BSD based system is on 5 th position, with only a Super Computer running the software, a total of 5120 processors.

In addition to 40 Super Computer run mixed operating system, the share of 8%.

Currently the world's fastest Super Computer is in the IBM building, and its use s distributed computing tools and management tools.


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