New Trends in IT in 2010


Touch technology from the earliest single-point touch (at the same time only a point of touch sensor signals) to develop to a multi-point touch (at the same time can be multiple points of touch sensor signals), and now has been used extensively for high-end smart phones and flat-panel computer.
Part-in-one desktop also used to change technology. The greatest feature is the touch-control technology, intuitive, fast, greatly enhanced the efficiency of human-computer interaction.

Gesture sensing

Gesture sensing technology is widely in recent years, concern has been the industry's favorite, as well as a new human-computer interaction. People and machines are completely without contact, through mobile phones, computer or a TV camera to capture the user's movement patterns, in order to achieve the corresponding operation. You can easily change channels, adjust volume, open a Web page or other should have a remote control or mouse operation can be achieved. The technology will first be applied to televisions, computers, mobile phones and other fields. As the technology further matures, gesture-sensing technology is expected this year, began to appear in the above-mentioned devices.

Mobile E-Commerce

As mobile phones become full-featured Pocket PC, mobile phone e-commerce has emerged. Mobile payment and mobile phones increasing the types of transactions, from mobile banking to mobile online payment, mobile ticketing, mobile phone credit card and so on, cell phone e-commerce has gradually become a mainstream means of payment. In 2010 is expected to be further development and diffusion. In the near future, any cell phone can become e-wallet, which cell phone will work with the accounting, CRM (customer relationship management) and other back-office enterprise systems in close contact in order to achieve a more convenient and efficient payment applications.

Geographic location-based applications

In the current number of high-end smart phones, GPS chips have become the standard satellite navigation, using mobile phone location to location and travel navigation is not new.
The geo-positioning technology based on a number of related applications have been developed. For example, through a number of popular community networking site, if the friends share their location information, you can always be obtained from the satellite map the location of friends or a direction of movement, so as to interact both sides to provide more "real" foundation.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a virtual reality developed on the basis of the emerging technologies, it can users see real scenes superimposed by the computer-generated virtual images, which can achieve a rich application. For example, you will be cameras in the Oriental Pearl Tower, the screen will show the Oriental Pearl TV Tower on geographic information, catering, transportation and so on. If you align a brand-name sports camera, the system will automatically search network related information, to tell you the car brand, reference price, the maximum speed and so on. There are a lot of companies are in the development of related applications based on the technology.

3D Display Technology

Now account for half of high-definition TV, so the television industry is looking for the next selling point.
The 3D technology, mature, and even behind the major television manufacturers to make 3D TV will become the new darling of the TV market this year. In addition, 3D technology will enter the field of computers and game consoles. 3D-display computer monitors already on the market, the future will have more computers, video game use 3D technology, will bring the game industry, a major overhaul. However, subject to cost and technical reasons, 3D display technology may still not have access to substantial short-term growth, but the technology enthusiasts are gradually beginning in 2010, the use of 3D display technology, this trend will gradually be extended.

Online Movie to replace the DVD 

With the high-speed broadband era, makes it easy click of a mouse on the computer or TV to watch high-definition video, who are willing to go to great pains for DVD rental shop to rummage favorite movie then?
Hollywood has realized, DVD will soon become history. This trend has forced foreign well-known DVD rental companies Blockbuster closed down more than 600 stores, and through streaming on-demand model provides a lot of films. DVD will not disappear overnight, but some offer online high-definition video content providers in 2010 to get more market share. Pretty soon, this will become the majority of people receiving the movie channels.


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