Nokia & Intel Launch New operating System MeeGo

Nokia and Intel announced to create a new Linux-based operating system MeeGo. MeeGo integration of Nokia's Maemo, and Intel's Moblin two Linux computing environment, specifically for access to this and smart mobile phones and other portable equipment design, can be used for vehicles and TV Internet access and other non-desktop platform.

The two companies together eye-catching, not only because of MeeGo to integrate the two into a Linux platform, under the eaves, but also because the operating system, cross-platform support for Intel and ARM chips.

As the demand for low-power, ARM chips are widely used in Apple's iPhone and other smart phones in the.
MeeGo the operating system is intended to allow application developers to write programs once and then can be used from smart phones to the Internet and all other applications of this hardware platforms; in an increasingly competitive smartphone space, the competitive strategies are increasingly popular. Adobe has recently adopted the same strategy, application developers only need to write a program, you can Flash applications for the desktop and laptops, as well as mobile phones and many other operating systems.

Intel and Nokia announced that, after Moblin for Maemo or the application of computing environments will be the same for the new operating system MeeGo. Nokia also stressed that to create MeeGo is not intended to replace the Nokia platform, the Symbian operating system itself. On the contrary, through the Qt application and UI framework that developers can be applied for both MeeGo, as well as many other platforms, including Symbian.

Related Applications will be available through Nokia's Ovi Store, for all Nokia Symbian-based MeeGo and hardware devices, while Intel's AppUp Center will be for Intel-based MeeGo equipment.

The two companies will be defined as a new operating system MeeGo challenge Apple's iPhone App Store model of open-source platform. While Intel and Nokia did not mention by name Apple's iPhone OS, but the competition MeeGo point was readily apparent; two companies said that the adoption of the new operating system, consumers need not be limited to a particular manufacturer's product system.

Intel and Nokia also plans to apply the new operating system, a number of tablet computing products, challenging Apple's newly launched iPad. However, MeeGo challenge opponents is not the only Apple's iPhone OS, its the Internet in this field will face the pressure of Google Chrome OS in mobile phones, tablet PCs and automotive systems will also face competition from Microsoft and other companies.

MeeGo will release the second quarter of this year, and related hardware products will be available beginning in the third quarter


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