Oracle Call JavaOne Paper 2010

As early as last year, Oracle announced its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, when the printing of four on the rumors, saying that 2009 will be the last session of JavaOne. A large number of developers and journalists believe that Oracle will be integrated into the Oracle OpenWorld Conference JavaOne, since the Oracle acquisition of BEA in 2008 when BEA World is so dry. And Sun Microsystems, Web technology, Tim Bray, also in charge of last year's JavaOne Conference being held on the occasion of Twitter said, "This will be the last session of JavaOne had."

However, at least for this year for example, Oracle has decided to host Oracle OpenWorld at the JavaOne Conference held at the same time - is still a field independent of the General Assembly. Paper submitted to the site under the description of time for the General Assembly will be held September 19-23, 2010.

This year's theme of the conference will continue to trace to its source - 100% of the Java technology and the associated ecosystem.

Paper submitted to the site also referred to the selection criteria, priority will be to consider those with professional skills and speaking ability of the people.

Speakers may submit the following themes:

1. The core Java platform

2. Java SE and Java Desktop

3. Java EE and enterprise applications in Java 

4. JavaFX and rich user experience

5. Java ME and Mobile 

6. For Devices, Card, and TV in Java

7. Java cutting-edge technology

Paper submission deadline for March 14, 2010.

Oracle is also the first time ever in India and China intend to hold JavaOne.

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