Oracle Database 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure and Automatic Storage Management for a Standalone Server (Part-2)

Installation of Oracle 11gR2 Database Software

Step 1
Login into system from Oracle user
Run Oracle 11gR2 Database installer

Step 2
Select Install Database Software only
Step 3

In node Selection option select Single Instance database installation.
Step 4
Select Product Language

Step 5
Select Database Edition
Step 6
Environment variables are already set
Step 7
User groups
Step 8
Step 9
Donot run ROOT.SH script through root user just press OK to finish the installation. Because environment variablehave already been modified during the execution of Grid Infrastructure "" script.
Step 10
Installation finished successfully.
Step 11
Create database through Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)

Step 12
Select the Storage Type (ASM) and Database Area (+DATA)
Finish to create the Database


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