Oracle vs SAP: The Next Decade Battle

SAP and Oracle in the enterprise software market, the battle has been the IT industry, one of the most fiery of the competition, although the struggle between them has also increased by less than the height of popular culture, as, such as Red Sox and the Yankees, or Coca-Cola and Pepsi do, but it always makes people talked about.
The two companies growing in the struggle with the current situation is that the two companies are large, this is not only reflected in the revenue, customer base and market reach, and their number of employees is also a bit scary.

Oracle should now have 83366 employees, they wore red uniforms, swear allegiance to Larry Ellison. SAP, a company in the recent statistics reported by 47804 employees, might be the time to meet them with a simple German exchanged greetings.

SAP and Oracle are not already become too much out. The new decade is bound to be constantly changing, the next generation of application model, price volatility and innovative business strategy first. The two companies have been expanding very powerful indeed, coupled with the complexity of the market, which will allow them to make decisions and develop strategies in time become more difficult, especially in the recent period of time.
SAP and Oracle that will certainly be faced with large enterprises within the enterprise's unique from the constant aggravation of the problem: Since becoming increasingly large and hard to manage.

Oracle acquisition of its unquenchable thirst for it seems like the outside world declares that it can remain in this state, no amount of complexity, new services, new products, new staff and new strategies can also be digested by its ecosystem out. In fact, "Oracle Enterprise Group" label may appear in the near future.
In addition, an enterprise can be used to measure whether "too much bad management" standard is in their new business on the reaction, such as in ERP, CRM, BI and supply chain software market in the SaaS and cloud computing.

SAP's Business ByDesign suite here has been groping to move forward, and encountered many obstacles, some commitment to the customer seems to SAP over the product launch has been somewhat slow, this is a reflection of poor management. Similarly, Oracle's next-generation Fusion suite of "slow" The launch may also exist the same problem.


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