Why Linux community to expel Google Android

Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced that, from the Linux 2.6.33 version of the start, Google smart phone operating system Android core code will be deleted.  A lot of people very concerned about, after all, Google Android has been a very good evaluation, as Linux, an open source community can help achieve better development, which, Greg made yesterday at the official blog explained.

Greg said he is using the mobile phone to run Android, G1, and it functions well, its very satisfactory. So what is leading to Android kernel code to be removed then? "Simply put, no one care about these codes, so it will be deleted. As I have said before, staging tree on the need for someone to maintain the code in order to integrate into the main kernel tree, otherwise will be deleted."

"Android is not just kernel code, including some weird driver, in order to obtain the normal work of the Android system, you need to get Google to create a new lock type, as well as its security model core system hooks ... ... Google shield a large number of hardware drivers to prevent the platform code is integrated into the main kernel tree. "

"I do not know what will happen next, Google has nothing. Many companies are now trying to strip of their code base in the Android interface, but this is also a very large project, but also unnecessary and painful process."

"I really hope that Google can wake up, to fix their code base, to achieve their upward integration, eliminating the hardware they have now for many companies created barriers to Linux." 


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