Linux System Performance Monitoring

Monitor and Improve the Linux System performance using given below 5 tools. These tools cover 5 core optimization, to network monitoring, to system monitoring, they are KDE System Monitor, Dstats, The Sysstat Auite, the use of Ifstat network monitoring, Linux Kernel optimize the use of Sysctl.

KDE System Monitor.

KDE and GNOME System Monitor System Monitor are relatively good, KDE system monitor is its relatively good can be remote system monitoring.


Dstat is a replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat, nfsstat and ifstat the tools of these commands is a versatile statistical tool for system information.


SYSSTAT is a package, including monitoring system performance and efficiency of a set of tools, such as sar, iostat, mpstat, and pidstat. These tools are for us to collect system performance data, such as CPU usage, hard disk and network throughput data collection and analysis of these data will help us to judge whether the system is running is to improve the system operating efficiency, safe operation the server's right-hand man.


Ifstat tool is a network interface monitoring tool to monitor the I / O status and CPU status. You can define one or more network interfaces, and to increase the options, so that the results more easily observed.


sysctl is actually one used to configure the kernel parameters, is stored in the / proc / sys /. Different versions of the kernel parameters will change, how to configure, want to see all of the parameters to be valid, run sysctl-a, or sysctl-a | sort. To change one parameter, run sysctl-w key.value = "newvalue".


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