Online New Features of Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 will give up the default image processing program GIMP, will change the default search engine from Google to Yahoo. According to the latest Ubuntu development blueprint, Ubuntu 10.04 will give up this version of the Internet open-source office software OpenOffice, in the future the document will be the default to Google Docs to open.

In order to maximize access to this tailor-made for the operating system, Ubuntu developers removed a lot of cumbersome procedures. Of course, office software does not amount to cumbersome procedures, the use of the Internet users will be frequently used in this office software, but taking into account the Internet is closely related to the present and the Internet, Ubuntu developers that the Google Docs competent to everyday office needs.

In addition to this version, Ubuntu by default hide the Internet the following:-
  • Brasero / CD Creator
  • Disk space usage analyzer (Disk Usage Analyzer)
  • Print Operations Management (Print job management)
  • Screen shots (Take screenshot)
  • Dictionaries
  • System Log Viewer (Log system viewer)

In addition to OpenOffice, Ubuntu Internet this version also removed the following:-
  • Tomboy
  • PalmOS pilot
  • GIMP

Add the following:-
  • Puzzle gwibber
  • Micro-Bo client Gwibber
  • Web camera images, video crawler Cheese


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