Oracle New Fee Structure for Oracle and Sun Technology Exams

Oracle significantly improves the fee structure of Sun and Oracle technology certification exams.

According to Oracle's official blog description, new fee structure shows that the major increase in the cost of examination materials, but the price is slightly different in each country. Internet-based test and exam invigilator of the examination centers have been affected.

Under the new price list, the global examination of all non-examiners, examiners in emerging market countries have a Sun certification and Oracle databases, middleware, and Linux certification fee is 125 U.S. dollars.

In addition, in developed countries are examiners, Oracle examinations and in emerging market countries have the Oracle Applications exam invigilator price of 195 U.S. dollars, in the developed countries have a Sun certification exam invigilator fee is 300 U.S. dollars.

Oracle's blog article emphasizes that prices will vary according to the local currency, and urges the user to view Pearson VUE's website for more information.

The new price list has updated on 1st March. Already paid candidates no longer need to pay the additional cost, and March 1 for enrollment in future candidates who apply for a discount in exam free, the discount remained unchanged.
In the meantime, Oracle plans to migrate Sun Certification to Oracle Certification. Oracle indicated that the existing Sun Certified will still be recognized, if the applicants wish to update the certificate, the exam test will be required.


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