Why Common User Still Preferred to Stay on Window's OS. Why not use Powerfull Linux OS

1) There is no Game Support
Many users said that they simply can not in the Windows Games Linux operating system to run. In short, Linux lacks support for some new games.

2) Lack of OEM Support
When the user from the store to buy Windows or Mac computer, you will get from the OEM all-round support, essential applications drive readily available. However, if the user using a Linux operating system, then you need to personally handle a lot of complicated problems.

3) Do Not Have iPod Support
In the past, users do not care whether Linux can support the iPod, but now has become the iPod to support Linux as a major problem.

4) There is no Migration Tools
For most users, and there is no proportion of installed system is more frightening, especially when the lack of a time when migration tool.

5) Drive / Hardware Disorder
At present, there very few hardware that works with Linux. In shot it can be said that the current Linux driver / hardware support is confusion.

6) Free Science and Technology Support Greatly Reduced
Clearly, when users from a market share of over 90% market share of Windows to switch to Linux, when 1%, which means he will lose a lot of third-party support had advantages, including software and hardware support.

7) Difference between Linux Distributions
At present, the market has a lot of Linux distributions, but it is difficult to distinguish between the user releases the differences between them.

All in all, for the open-source Linux operating system, the community is concerned, the good news is that more and more users began to interest in Linux, the bad news is that there are still many obstacles to prevent Windows users to upgrade to Linux. 


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