Best Open Source Desktop Security Applications

GnuPG & Gpg4win

GNU Privacy is free encryption software, is the Free Software Foundation's GNU software project of a product. GnuPG OpenPGP provides a consistent standard RFC4880 for a complete free software tools to make it compatible with other OpenPGP compatible systems. Out of the box with the GnuPG provides a command line interface, there are many optional graphics plug-in, suitable for almost all platforms. In the Windows side, there is a Gpg4win, this is a GnuPG (command line based) on the basis of a uniform set of graphical tools. It provides all the options GnuPG, and also integrated into the browser, file encryption, a certificate manager application, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, and even a full version with GnuPG plugin Clawsmail software.

ClamAV & ClamWin

ClamWin is a Windows system for light and simple open source antivirus program. Features include automatic updates, regular scanner, integrated into Windows Explorer shortcut menu, and even a Microsoft Outlook plug-in. ClamAV engine is an open source antivirus software package for Unix/Linux on the email gateway. The scanner consumes minimal system resources, and other malicious software can be run in conjunction detection tools. While there is no antivirus software is perfect. But the light stability of emerging malware protection and development of the world is helpful.


KeePass is a password management tool for open source software security. It will replace the monitors scattered around your remember those sticky notes, password safe, beautiful with a simple application that securely stores the password information. With sticky notes, different passwords in the database file encryption using AES or Pisces. Keepass feature rich, with input and output, automatic matching, drag and drop support, password generator and other functions, there are a large number of plug-ins to further extend functionality.


PeaZip is a beautiful open-source software, documents and files manager that supports a wide range of compression and encryption standards. It offers many useful security features, such as two-factor authentication, secure deletion, efficacy and hash verification, WinZip, PKZip and 7 of the AES256 encryption, and so on.


As we all know, the delete key is inefficient and unsafe. Data security personnel presence is the real concerns. Eraser is a Windows platform only for the safety of data removal tool, supports multiple secure deletion methods, such as Guttman, and Schneider. Use Eraser software, you can with a simple mouse click interface to delete a single file or folder, do not use disk space or the contents of the Recycle Bin. Integrated into Windows Explorer shortcut menu that allows users to click right mouse button quick access to this powerful tool. Setting projects enrich the time scheduler will help you automate this process to ensure safety. This application is only for a lack of Windows, hope this software will soon be able to migrate to Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX and BSD systems.


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