Open Source Hardware

Open source hardware, means free and open source software the same way as the design of computers and electronic hardware. Open source hardware started to consider areas outside of the open source software is open source culture.

The term is mainly used to reflect the release of detailed information on free hardware design, such as schematics, bill of materials and board layout data, commonly used open source software to drive hardware.

Shared logic design with programmable logic devices and the Reconstruction, is a form of open source hardware.

Some open source hardware projects are:

ECB AT91 - Information on Atmel AT91RM9200 ARM9 processor (180 MHz) single-board computer

ECB ATmega32/644 - based on Atmel ATmega32/644 (20 MHz) single board computer, network server performance, and less than 100mA of power consumption

Simputer - for developing Pocket PC

Open Graphics Project aims to design an open architecture and standard graphics.

Sun Microsystems OpenSPARC is a contribution to the UltraSPARC T1 and UltraSPARC T2 multicore processor, the processor design of open-source project.

OpenRISC is a developer of open source work of very high performance RISC CPU.

LEON is an ESA created the open-source SPARC-like 32-bit CPU, the European Space industry standard microprocessors.

OpenCores is a foundation to try to form a design community, to support the open source core (logical design) of the processor, peripherals and other equipment. Wishbone maintain OpenCores called open 
source for chip interconnection bus specification. (Via Wikipedia)

In short, open source software, open source, open source hardware, open circuit. 


  1. This post describes open source hardware. I think we all are aware of open source software same is the case with open source hardware. I don't find much difference. I think you can easily understand. I think this post is self explanatory.


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