Wellcome to New Secure Operating System QUBES in Open Source world

The famous Polish beauty hacker Joanna Rutkowska recently released a new Open Source Operating System which is based on Xen, X Window System, and Linux. This new Open Source Linux Operating System, known as Qubes.

Qubes biggest advantage is safety. It makes full use of virtualization technology (based on the Secure Virtual Machine Xen), all user applications are run in AppVM (lightweight Linux-based Virtual Machine), the mutual isolation. The networking code uses the IOMMU / VT-d in a non-privileged virtual machine, in the privileged domain (dom0) there are no networking code. Many system-level components on the sand box in order to avoid affecting each other.

In addition, Qubes allow the user to define many of the security domain (with the lightweight virtual machine implementation), such as "personal", "work", "shopping", "bank" and so on, separated from each other. In addition, also supports replication between different security domains - paste and file sharing.

Qubes OS Screen Shots:


  1. This is new idea for me and I am very impressed with it. QUBES is secure operating system and gives a nice look and feel. I like screenshot of the same. I am going to try this as I don't get chance to work on it. Thanks for the information.


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