Why Open Source software's are Popular

The current Open Source software's popularity is evident. From the embedded Android platform to the desktop platform Ubuntu, Firefox and Chromium and then to the server platform, LAMP, or is growing rapidly and swallowed the market, or have laid most of country. Ordinary users will not care whether an open source software, the kind of license agreement. Their only concern is to not spend the money to spend at least the best software. So why Open Source Software's are cheaper and easy to use it?

1. Free

The most attractive place to open source software, there is no doubt that it's free. Hundreds of thousands of Windows compared to the price of free communication, free use of the Ubuntu already a major step forward. For embedded systems, open source systems can reduce equipment costs, benefits consumers is also an indisputable fact.

2. High Quality

Excellent open source projects are often able to attract a lot of technical talent to assist in the development. So the final release of the software in the quality of the software will not be less than the fee. On the quality of PK, Open Source Virtualbox no less than the number of charges VMWare.

3. Cross Platform

A good open source software even if there is no "Minority OS" version, there will be lovers to compile. Ultimately, the best open source software is often the perfect multi platform. For example, the famous native AutoCAD does not support Mac, but also CAD software, open source, Archimedes was also supports Windows and Mac. So if I often have to switch back and forth between the two systems, I obviously would choose to reduce the trouble Archimedes.

4. Strong Customization

A good open-source software often have numerous plug-ins around. Then the software will also install the plug-in by each person to meet the needs. If you do not understand, to see that the terrorist Firefox plugin library bar.

5, the problem will be fixed in a timely manner is a software problem, which is has been confirmed many times the truth. The open-source software can always rely on the wisdom of the masses, the first time fix the problem. According to Ed bott's blog post, Ubuntu and Fedora update release frequency are much higher than Windows. 


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