Fedora 13 code name "Goddard"

Fedora from Red Hat Desktop version of Linux, aims to develop and integrate the latest free and open source software. From the end of 2003 to today, Fedora releases its new version in every six months. Its latest version of Fedora 13 is expected to be May 18, 2010, and its code name is "Goddard" word from the U.S. physicist Robert Goddard, the first U.S. rocket engine inventor, is recognized as the father of modern rocket technology. Linux in the desktop side, Fedora and Ubuntu have often been used to compare the two sides each represent a different concept of Linux popularity.

The following are the main features of Fedora 13 version:

  • Automatically install the printer driver
  • Automatically install the language pack
  • Redesigned user accounts tool
  • Monitor and scanner calibration color management tools
  • NVIDIA graphics cards for experimental 3D support
  • The release of the other features:
  • Install Fedora via the Internet A new method
  • User SSSD authentication
  • NFS updates
  • Zarafa, a new open source suite
  • Btrfs file system for system restore
  • Better SystemTap probe
  • Python3 stack can coexist with the system has Python stack
  • Netbeans 6.8 in full support of Java EE 6 standard


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