Linux mint 9 is based on Ubuntu 10.04

Linux mint is a very young operating system, which started in 2006. Linux mint born purpose is to provide home users and business users Free, Easy and Beautiful desktop.

Linux Mint is always based on Ubuntu's release, the aim is to provide a more complete experience instantly available, which include the provision of browser plug-ins, media codecs, DVD playback on the support, Java and other components, and Ubuntu compatible software repository.

Linux mint 9's Ubuntu 10.04LTS based on the latest operating system, carrying the same Linux kernel and X. Org 7.4, support EXT4 file system. Boot faster, the desktop version will have 3 years technical support services, the server version of 5 year support, starting areas, including the United States and Japan.

In addition, the software center of the number of available software for use up to 30,000, the new backup / restore tool, Premium Mini Menu, Windows style installation process, a new theme, and many other improvements. 



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