Linux Users lack of awareness about Zombie Virus

Internet Security Company Symantec Corporation provides survey reported that business users who use Linux Mail Server are lack of awareness of the Zombie Virus and many Linux operating system, users suffer from that infection.

Mat Nisbet, a Malware Data Analyst at Symantec said: "We are already infected zombie virus and run the Linux operating system the computer into the sample with the examination, testing of these zombie computers infected with the virus source IP address. The majority of cases, the source IP address point to a computer running the open source e-mail proxy service server. This shows that the number of Linux operating system the computer is Zombie Virus is currently a major cause of infection in operating their own mail server for enterprise customers to reduce operating costs, use of open source software. But these businesses did not aware of the use of open source software for the zombie virus spreads through port 25, provides an opportunity. "

Nisbet also pointed out that the Internet and some of the Zombie Virus can automatically search for an open Port 25, the mail servers and personal computers, and infection of the use of open source software Mail server and personal computer a Zombie Virus spread.

Any use of Linux operating system software free of charge under the edge of the user, need to improve operating system security alert. Through the proper operation of the security settings to protect your computer from malicious Zombie Virus infection. Running Linux operating system, the individual user needs by improving the security settings, only to authorized users access to port 25. 


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