Use Net Send Tool in Linux OS

Windows provide a net send tool to communicate between window's machines.  you can open the messenger service to send a message machine.
There is no command provided in linux machine to communicate with the window. Communication with windows, linux only way to use samba. Instant messages can not be used. 

But there is a tool, called gladeNetsend, using this tool you can send short message from Linux to windows.

Installation process is as follows:

1. Extract

tar-xzf gladeNetSend-0.9.tar.gz

cd gladeNetSend /src

3. Login to Root user

su - root

4. Will gladeNetSend / src / nbtscan copy / bin directory, and give the file execute permissions. 

cp nbtscan / bin

chmod 755 / bin / nbtscan

5. To change the / etc / lmhosts permissions for all users read-write

chmod 666 / etc / lmhosts

6. Edit / etc / samba / smb.conf, increase the message command key and, if this already exists, then changed to look like the following:

message command = sh-c 'echo% I: `cat% s`>> / tmp / smbmsg.log'

No message command items, the increase in the line above

Restart smb service and nmbd services to ensure that net send message to receive:

/etc/init.d/smb start

/etc/init.d/nmbd start
 Now exit the root account:

7. Create the file smbmsg.log and smbmsg_recvd.log, and modify permissions to 666,

touch / tmp / smbmsg.log

touch / tmp / smbmsg_recvd.log

chmod 666 / tmp / smbmsg *

8. In / gladeNetSend directory, to create the Makefile implementation

. /

9. Compile


10. Gladenetsend implementation file generated in the src directory.

Into the src directory run:

. /gladenetsend

Now you can officially run under linux net send.
Can also copy the executable file to the / bin or / usr / bin directory to ensure the implementation of the path.


  1. Yes, by using this you can also email links to huge files that your normal email account cannot handle as attachments.


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