Free / Open Source Web Traffice Analysis Tools


TraceWatch is an open source Web traffic analysis program, to support real-time analysis, can provide the depth of analysis.


SlimStat is based on PHP-MySQL, the same time, like Google Analytics can be done by JavaScript or PHP script into site.


Piwik can generate real-time access to detailed site reports, based on PHP and MySQL, like Google Analytics can be integrated as the front end.

Open Web Analytics

Based on PHP, built on WordPress, Gallery, and MediaWiki's support.


W3Perl is a Web Log analysis tools.


CrawTrack is a good open source Google Analytics for supplies, the report offers a very unique, for example, CrawTrack can help you prevent a class, such as SQL injection attacks.


BBClone is a Web counter, can provide a very detailed report on the visit. BBClone  is based on PHP.


Based on the GNU / GPL open source license, can provide very detailed, information about visitors to the report, and its GUI interface is very interesting and practical, the installation is simple.


Can provide very powerful, on the site, FTP sites, and even the Email server access analysis, based on CGI.


Grape interface is simple, functional, while small, but very practical.


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