Open Source Operating System - CentOS

CentOS release in late 2003, CentOS is a re-compile to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) code, and to provide timely security updates to upgrade all software packages targeted at community projects. Technology between the two distributions only difference is the brand, CentOS replaces all Red Hat trademarks and logos for his own.

CentOS is often seen as a reliable server distribution. It inherits the test with a perfect and stable Linux kernel and software, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux the same basis. CentOS is also suitable for an enterprise desktop solution, especially in the stability, reliability and long-term support, is the latest software and features of the preferred.

Thus, both the desktop or used in the field of high-end enterprise Linux, open source system so that more users can create their favorite platform, not only to provide timely security updates, while providing extensive management more flexible, by Linux modules cut, remove some users do not need the module, to provide for the needs of specific user-specific products, which not only enhances the practicality of Linux products, but also help improve efficiency and save resources, improve the safety performance.


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