Open Source Operating System - Linux Mint

Linux Mint, an Ubuntu-based distributions, in 2006 by the French born, live and work in Ireland IT experts Clement Lefebvre for the first time to create. Structures originally envisioned for the new Linux website is dedicated to Linux users for help, tips and other information documents, Clement Lefebvre saw the development of Linux to solve a number of drawbacks associated with the mainstream product with more practical alternative to the mainstream technology and product potential. After his site visitors to seek feedback, he proceeded to develop a sound Ubuntu today called the Mint.

Although Linux Mint can be downloaded free of charge, the project's income comes from donations, advertising and professional support. It does not have a fixed timetable or plan issued list of features, but can expect a stable version of each of the following Linux Ubuntu will be released within a few weeks a new version of Linux Mint.



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