Open Source Operating System - Mandriva

Mandriva Linux in July 1998, launched in Mandrake Linux. At first, this is just a re-optimized contains more friendly KDE desktop version of Red Hat Linux, but later versions added a more friendly experience, such as a new installer, improved hardware detection, and intuitive disk partitioning utility. As these improved results, Mandrake Linux flourishes. After the introduction of venture capital investment to commercial companies, the newly established MandrakeSoft company in early 2003 to 2005, the fate of large fluctuations on the verge of bankruptcy. Later after Brazil, Conectiva merger, the company changed its name to Mandriva.

Mandriva Linux mainly focus on the desktop version. The most advanced software features, first-class system management suite (DrakConf), excellent 64-bit version of the support, and extensive international support. Than many other popular distributions have an open development model, stable version is released before intensive and frequent beta test period In recent years, has developed a series of live CD can be installed, and has launched a mobile version of Mandriva - a complete bootable USB mobile U disk version of Mandriva Linux system. This is the first major for the popular online the offer distribution, such as on the Asus Eee PC support.



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