Open Source Operating System - Slackware

Slackware Linux operating system created by the Patrick Volkerding in 1992, is the oldest surviving Linux distribution. From the SLS project has now been stopped, Slackware 1.0 start using the 24 floppy disks, and Linux kernel version 0.99pl11-α above. It quickly became the most popular Linux distributions, it was estimated that in 1995, even up to 80% of its market share of Linux installed. The sharp decline in popularity with Red Hat Linux and other more concerned with the issue of distribution, but Slackware Linux still remains a much-appreciated and the more business-oriented system administrators and desktop users of the system technology.

Slackware Linux is a highly technical, clean distribution, only a few very limited personal settings. It uses simple, text-based installation and compare the original package management system does not resolve software dependencies. Therefore, Slackware's is considered today the most pure and most stable release.



  1. can use the same slackware theme on CenOS?

  2. Are you serious? Most unstable release?

  3. which window manager is that?

  4. All the guys who use slackware think they are Niel from the Matrix. They think they are smart but they never wrote any of that code . They put some nice eye candy on their desktop and pose as hackers. Blow Me.

  5. Which window theme and icons is on second image?


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