Configure Oracle Apex in 11g on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Today I configured Oracle APEX in Oracle 11g Release 1 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. I did not realize that Oracle APEX is a part of the 11g standard database components.

So I just follow simple steps to configure Oracle APEX. 
APEX application can access either the embedded PL/SQL gateway or Oracle HTTP server. For simplicity I chose the embedded PL/SQL gateway. By using the embedded PL/SQL gateway, it will run using the Oracle XML DB HTTP server which is already in Oracle database, so there is no need to install a separate HTTP server.

Step 1

To Configure the embedded PL/SQL gateway go to the $ORACLE_HOME/apex directory. In my case apex directory in the given below path


Step 2

Use SQL/Plus to connect as SYS to 11g database where APEX is installed. After connection type @apxconf and press enter as shown in the screenshot.

Create password for admin user

Step 3

Unlock the ANONYMOUS account.

Step 4

Enable Oracle XML DB HTTP server

Step 5

Oracle APEX is ready to access

http://host:port/apex/apex_admin — for admin page


  1. thanks, It's a very helpfull but, what about the '/i/' directory where the images are suppossed to be??
    I can access the apex start page but its blank, I bet its because no images directory has setup by the moment..



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