Upgrade Oracle Apex 4.0 in 11g Database on Linux

Before start the up gradation of Oracle apex 4.0 in oracle 11g you must take backup. My working directory is /opt/oracle therefore I copy the source of oracle apex 4.0 (apex_4.0_en.zip) in my working directory. 

Open terminal and using unzip command extract the apex_4.0_en.zip

After extraction apex directory is created in /opt/oracle

Login as SYS with SYSDBA privilege and create tablespace for apex as shown

After successful creation of tablespace, exit from SQL using quit command. Note: you can assign different directory for tablespace creation.

Now get into the directory on terminal /opt/oracle/apex and log in again as SYS with SYSDBA privilege.

apexins.sql script need to execute to start installation of apex 4.0. To execute apexins.sql script type the below shown command and mention in which TABLESPACE will be default for apex installation files.

It will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the installation.

After completing the installation then you have to load the necessary images to the database and these images located in the following directory: /opt/oracle/apex/images

Now you have to execute the apxldimg.sql script to load the images. During the execution of apxldimg.sql script will be asked to enter the value for 1, Simple type /opt/oracle and press enter to start the load images.

Now you have to execute the apxconf.sql script for reset the password and port.

After press enter you will be asked to assign a password for admin and port number for XDB HTTP listener, type your desired password and port.

You need to unlock few of the schemas that is related to Apex application.
To unlock schema you can use terminal or Enterprise manager console. To unlock from terminal you must log in as SYS with SYSDBA privilege

Now is the time to open the oracle apex 4.0 application. Open your favorite browser and type the url as



  1. hai your sound is very nice about installation in linux, i know well well in windows based installation and development,but iam not aware the linuz based installation and apex configuration! can you send the root for the same! plz
    * how to download from oracle linux(tried but could not)
    *os file system also.
    send the information: ram_hairams@yahoo.co.in


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