Create List of Values (LOVs) in Oracle Apex 4.0

This artical shows how to create List of Values (LOVs) in Oracle Apex 4.0. It is important that the account you log into in APEX has at least Developer level rights, or Workspace Admin rights. Check out the given below steps to create LOV in apex.

Here is my 1st Tabular Form. In this form i want to create a LOV on Country colum so it can easly editable. To do that click 'Edit Page 1' option on the bottom bar.

On the right hand side under 'Shared Components' you will see a entry i.e. 'List of Values'. Right click on 'List of Values' entry and Click on Create option.

This will bring Create List of Values screen. So I want to create List of Values from Scratch, check this option and click on next button.

Give it to a name, this will be the name that any part of the application will able to find it as. I am giving it Country as name and this will going to be a Dynamic List because when table will be updated, List updated accordingly.

Here in the box enter a SQL query that retrive Country records from their respective table. After enter the query Click on Create List of Values button.

List is created but under List of Values its not shown this is normal because list may not be used in anyware in the application. So on the left side of the page under 'Page Rendering' section Right click on Country i.e. is under 'Report Column'. Select edit option.

This will bring ' Column Attributes for the COUNTRY column' Screen, we have to make two changes here. 1st under 'Column Attribute' section Select List (named LOV) in Display As field.

2nd under List of Values select Country in named LOV field.

Apply changes and Run application. As you can see here is our report and now the Country column has a drop down box which contain all the valid country name in the system making easyer way to editable.


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