Create Tabular Form in Oracle Apex 4.0

This artical shows how to create a Tabular Form in Oracle Apex 4.0. It is important that the account you log into in APEX has at least Developer level rights, or Workspace Admin rights. Check out the given below steps to create taular form in apex.

Login to Oracle Apex Workspace.

Click on Application Builder.

After Clicking Create icon select Application Type which is 'Database'.

Select Form Scratch option.

Enter application name, in this case i typed 'Tabular Form'. I used default Application unique ID which is 107. i am creating Tabular Form thorugh 'Form Scratch' and my Schema is Dev.

Select Blank option in Page Selection Type and click on Add Page icon.
After page added click on create icon.

I need One Level of Tabs in my Form thats way i select it.

Select No to copy shared components from another application.

In the Authentication Schema select Application Express.

Theme selection.

Verify the selection and then click on create icon. 

Application created in the name of Tabular Form. We just need to create a page in the application. Click on Create Page icon to create page.

Click on Form.

Click on Tabular Form.

Dev Schema is the Table/View owner. I allowed DML operation in my applicaiton.

Select the table.

I select some column from the table thats shows in the Tabular Form instead of entire column.

This allows you to select either the defined primary key for the source table, or a different key. You can also select a second key colum. You also can alter the source fo the key trigger.

Click on Existing Trigger

I want to update all columns in my application.

Identify Page and Region Attributes.

Use button Lables as per your choice .

Verify the selection and then click on Finish icon.

Click Run Application to see how dose the application look like.

Enter Workspace user name and password. Notice the user interface, look and feel comming from the theme select while creating the application.

Here is my 1st Tabular Form in Oracle Apex 4.0.


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