Creating an APEX Application from spreadsheet in Apex 4.0

I am new in Oracle Application Express and this is my 1st application in apex 4.0. Oracle Application Express 4.0 has ability to create an application from the spreadsheet. The beautiful thing is, you don't have to write even a single line of code to do that. It is amazingly smooth and seamless. Check out the given below steps.

Login to Oracle Apex Workspace.

Click on Application Builder.

Click on Create icon.

Select Database option from Application Type and click on Next icon.

Select From Spreadsheet option and click next.

Select Copy and Paste option and click next.

Copy the data from Spreadsheet and pasts in the window. Check on First row contains column names option and click next.

Oracle Apex 4.0 analyze the pasted data and will come up with table structure. you can edit it, if required.

Enter a Singular name and Plural name. Singular name and Plural name will be used in the application. Edit lables if required, these lables will become field labels in forms.

Enter the application name and click next.

Select theme which will define the look and feel of the application.

Click create icon to create the application.

Click Run Application to see how dose the application look like.

Enter Workspace user name and password. Notice the user interface, look and feel comming from the theme select while creating the application.

and here is my application. Neatly built from a spreadsheet, without writing even a single piece of code. I can edit the record, create the record and even delete the record.


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