Introduction to Free / Open Source Databases (Part - 2)

HBase is a distributed, stored column-oriented database engine, also called Hadoop database, because it is Hadoop subprojects, HBase goal is to host billions of lines, millions of rows of large tables, it provides a REST style Web server gateway , support XML, Protobuf and binary data encoding options.

Keyspace is a venture company called Scalien development of highly reliable key / value storage system, Keyspace emphasize technology is highly reliable, has the following characteristics:-

  • Key / Value Store: a key / value data storage system supports only some basic operations such as: SET (key, value) and GET (key), etc.
  • Distributed: multiple machines (nodes) also store data and status, exchange messages with each other to maintain data consistency, can be regarded as a complete storage system. For more reliable, Keyspace recommended an odd number of nodes, such as: 3,5,7, etc.
  • Data consistency: the data on all machines are updated simultaneously, and not worry about get inconsistent results, Keyspace Paxos distributed algorithm using the well-known;
  • Redundancy: all machines (nodes) stored the same data, the entire system depends on a single machine storage capacity (node) capacity;
  • Fault tolerance: If a small number of nodes mistakes, such as restart, crashes, broken network, network packet loss and other fault / fail will not affect the overall operation of the system;
  • High reliability: fault tolerance, redundancy ensures Keyspace reliability.

4store accommodate RDF data is a database storage and query engine, which uses the ANSI C99 preparation, can be run on Unix-systems provide a high-performance, scalable and stable platform. 4store specifically for shared nothing clusters to optimize the maximum support of 32-node cluster, the largest import performance can be achieved 120kT/s, its query performance is quite outstanding.

MariaDB is a backward-compatible, designed to replace the MySQL database, MySQL branch, which includes all the major open source storage engine, also has developed his own Maria storage engine. MariaDB is the original authors of MySQL founder Michael Widenius developed by the company free open-source database server , and MySQL compared, MariaDB more places are:
  • Maria Storage Engine
  • PBXT Storage Engine
  • XtraDB Storage Engine
  • FederatedX Storage Engine
  • Copy faster query processing
  • Thread pool
  • bug Fewer warnings and bug
  • Faster
  • Extensions (More index parts, new startup options etc) More Extensions (More index parts, new startup options etc)
  • Better functional test
  • Table to eliminate
  • Slow query log statistics extensions
  • Support for Unicode sorting

Drizzle is derived from a MySQL database, but it is not intended to replace MySQL, its aim is to build a "more refined, lighter traffic, more quickly," the MySQL version of its scalability and ease of use with MySQL considerable, but in order to improve performance and scalability, it is from the original core system where some features removed. Drizzle is a network of procedures for the cloud and a special optimized database, it is a modern multi- CPU/multi-core architecture designed for large-scale concurrency.

HyperSQL is written in a Java SQL relational database engine, its core is completely multi-threaded, supporting two-way locking and MVCC (multi version concurrency control), almost complete support for ANSI-92 SQL, support for common data types, the latest version of the increase BLOB and CLOB data for the support, the maximum amount of data to support up to 64T. Meanwhile, HyperSQL is also a good embedded database.

MonetDB is a high-performance database engines, mainly used in data mining, OLAP, GIS, XML Query, text and multimedia retrieval and other fields. The various layers of the DBMS MonetDB have carried out innovative designs, such as vertical based on the storage layer chip, for modern CPU architectures optimized query execution, automatic and self-adjustment of the index, run-time query optimization, and modular software architecture. MonetDB / SQL is the MonetDB relational database to provide solutions, MonetDB / XQuery is the XML database solution, MonetDB Server is the MonetDB multi-model database server.

Persevere is designed for Javascript JSON REST-based databases, distributed computing, persistent object mapping framework, providing an independent web server , mainly for the design of rich client applications, can be used in any framework and the client. Persevere. Persevere Server is based on Java / Rhino object storage engine, in an interactive environment to provide client-side JavaScript persistent JSON data format.

eXist-db is the use of XML technology to build the database storage engine, which according to store XML data, XML data model to provide efficient, index-based XQuery query. eXist-db supports many Web technology standards, making it very suitable for Web application development.

Gladius is written in pure PHP flat file database engine, and its SQL syntax and a subset of SQL92 compliant, bundled with a lightweight adoDB drive.


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